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Author: Alex Kojfman

UR & SAZ  Ur:  Let’s talk straight.   I don’t get what you Arabs are mad about.   You want equal rights and to live in our country, but you don’t serve in […]

Thank you for joining us for IG Day at Briskin Elementary School! We’d love to keep you updated on student life at Briskin, share more information about you can support […]

TIOH stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Please consider giving a donation to the following organizations to aid the people during this conflict. The International Rescue Committee of the […]

We are launching an adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah class for anyone who has not had the opportunity to become B’nei Mitzvah. In addition, anyone who did have the opportunity and would […]

We look forward to celebrating Purim with you. We have two fantastic events to choose from. Come to one or both and get ready for a seriously silly time! On […]

TIOH Circles are small affinity groups of self-selected TIOH members who co-create a close-knit, micro-community. Your Circle will include fellow TIOH members to share a fun opportunity, a deep conversation, […]

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