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HoTY – TIOH Temple Youth

HOTY (Hollywood Temple Youth) is the TIOH’s youth group for our 9th through 12th graders! HOTY provides TIOH teens a positive space to connect and grow as young Jewish leaders. The HoTY board, comprised of teens who were elected by their peers to their specific positions, meets about once a week to design, plan and run events for our teen community throughout the year. Highlight events are: Sleepless in Hollywood (an overnight extravaganza), Shabbat hikes, social justice events and adding ruach to our Teen Program!

For more information on upcoming events and how to get involved, email Rachel Dubowe at

HoTY Board 2021

Elise Krautheimer, Co-President
Abby Sosnow, Co-President
Isaac Bernstein, Programming President
Talia Herzog-Henry, Assistant Programming President 
Ava Maxwell, Social Action Vice President 
Natalie Bernstein, Membership Vice President 
Stella Sosnow, Assistant Membership Vice President 
Eva Mars, Religious Cultural Vice President 
Ryder Lappen, Communication Vice President 
Lily Feldman, Co Financial Vice President
Sabine Weil, Co Financial Vice President 

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