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Our congregation’s commitment to social justice is rooted in our most fundamental values. The work is sacred, ongoing, vitally important, and deeply enriching.

Temple Israel of Hollywood has organized our social justice work into two main components: Our working groups that galvanize our members around important issues affecting us locally and globally, and our Direct Action programs that partner with organizations in the community to give back. Together these avenues form our Social Justice Coalition.

The Social Justice Coalition works through three modalities…




Our Social Justice Coalition is organized into a series of Working Groups which reflect some of the key issues important to our community. 


Climate Change

Human activity is causing drastic changes in our global climate and wreaking havoc on our environment, disproportionately affecting vulnerable communities. We work to protect, nourish, and restore our world.

Criminal Justice Reform & Racial Bias

We are engaged in ongoing work of combatting systemic racism, mass incarceration, and racial bias, which we identify as the civil rights struggle of our generation.

Gender Justice

We are committed to the causes of reproductive and gender justice. We work to address power systems and norms, moving toward a more just and equitable society.

Gun Violence Prevention

Our country is plagued by gun violence. We seek to pass sensible gun legislation as well as help prevent gun violence by educating gun safety awareness in our cities, schools, and communities.

Housing & Food Insecurity

We affirm the basic human right of every human being to have access to food and housing. We see the continued growth of our city’s unhoused population as an urgent humanitarian crisis and are committed to working toward safe, affordable housing for all.

Refugees & Immigration

Ours is a country comprised of immigrants and individuals seeking a better life. Our Jewish ethics demand that we welcome the “stranger” and love our neighbors.

For more information about getting involved with our Social Justice & Social Action Initiatives,
please contact Zach Lasker, or our VP of Social Action, Sophie Sartain

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